Maps design system

How to design and develop scalable map solution for millions of users daily from over 200 countries?

My role: Leading UX for the project

LeadershipStrategyStakeholders managementDesign Systems

Location experience

How to improve user experience, with location content using the Design Thinking framework, research, and A/B experimentation.

My role: UX Designer

A/B experimentationDesign ThinkingMachine learningAPI's

Account onboarding

Read about how I approached new app product development in emerging African market at one of the most disruptive FinTechs globally.

My role: App Product Designer

New product developmentUser interviewsFlowsPrototyping

Service application

An example of how I worked on end-to-end app development. From research to production and launch. Read a story of how we helped users manage their Virgin Media tv & broadband service, pay bills and troubleshoot any issues they may have with service.

My role: Leading Design for the project

End-to-end app deliveryCustomer care collaborationStakeholders managementVisionPrototyping

Diversity, Women in Tech, Accessibility

Over the years working in digital and product, one of the values that I shared and advocated for was diversity and inclusion in a workspace. PrototypingRead about why it is important and how to meet, network and hire great diverse talent along the way.

About me

I am a passionate UX creative leader with over 10 years of experience in customer and business-facing apps and web, in love with new technologies and their impact on human behaviour. I am an accessibility and inclusion advocate. I support Women in Tech by participating and organising hackathons to foster collaboration, work on the newest technologies, meet great talent and innovate to make the world a healthier and better place. I want to make a change. I want to have an impact on how people live and the products they use! And I do believe design is the power to have this impact in the modern world.
When I am not designing, networking or hacking, I am most likely spending time with my furry family or climbing rocks.

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