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My role:
Advocate, Organiser and Hacker

Start inclusion!

Working in digital and product, one of the values that I have shared and advocated for is diversity and inclusion. I do believe every person, regardless of cultural background, brings value to the table. Even more so, in the global world we live, we can’t afford NOT to be inclusive. To design innovative products, the designer needs first to understand the world and its context, sometimes move from one company “bubble”, think broader and step out of their comfort zone.

Over the years, I have participated in and organised multiple hackathons. I can proudly share I won one organised for the RNLI by Facebook together with a group of fantastic women in technology. I met absolutely incredible talent from across the world along the way, now leaders, speakers and community contributors. We hacked and contributed to the creation of innovative products, contributed to the digitalisation of charities and public organisations. We also grew as designers and humans - by challenging ourselves with new problems, a multicultural environment and new perspectives. This was and still is a great way to meet top tech talent, network and also potentially hire.


Inclusion also means making products inclusive and accessible. I do believe companies have not only legal but also a moral responsibility to create an accessible product. In my current role, I have become an Accessibility advocate for the team and the whole department.

I organise workshops, meetups and help with various deliverables such as cheatsheets and stickers for daily coding. I grow awareness in my department and help meet Accessibility audit criteria. I have become the go-to person on the topic of Diversity and Accessibility.

In the past, I have also worked on a side project (app) to help children learn sign language in a noninvasive, gamified way. I was exploring the topic and I also got involved in how VR and the latest technologies can help speed up the learning process for children and young people. I do believe designers have powerful skills and a moral responsibility to do the right thing & contribute their best talent to the product world.